Greenacres Christian Fellowship
Our Beliefs:

The Bible is the perfect guidebook for everyone to have abundant living life.  God lives in and through us now by the Holy Spirit and wants us to be filled with his Presence and allow His Gifts to happen through us.
The Church is God's family and He wants all believers to do His Divine Will.  Jesus is very real and He is coming back in the near future.  We desire to praise God in the way He required in Scripture.  Praising Him on our instruments, clapping our hands, lifting our voices in song, and at times bowing before Him.

We believe in the operation of the gifts of the Spirit working in our church.
We believe in Divine Healing from the Lord and restoration in every way.
We believe in tithing....which is 10% of our income to the House of the Lord.
We believe in water baptism by immersion in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ.
We believe in partaking at the Table of the Lord in Communion.

Our Missions Ministry and Outreach from our church is very important.  We serve a number of local ministries and also foreign ministries.

215 North Barker Road:� Greenacres, Washington 99016
Come join us in prayer and worship and receive the Blessing that only God can provide. 

Greenacres Christian Fellowship
 215 North Barker Road,  Greenacres,  Washington  99016
 Phone:  509-465-3625